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Powerful Ways To Grow Your Business With Pinterest.

important things every business owner needs to know about Pinterest

Are you struggling to gain traction on Pinterest?  Whether you have an online business, a blog or just want to have more of a presence within Pinterest, this post will describe very important details to be aware of. The process can be intimidating and overwhelming, however, once you understand a few basics…it becomes much easier.  I will share a few must-do items before pinning as well as tools I use to save time, while still pinning quality images, engaging with my audience and growing my business.

Important details to be aware of


This is the #1 basic rule…sorry if this sounds harsh, however, it is a MUST follow rule if you want to be taken seriously.  Considering Pinterest is an ocean of beautifully designed graphics, it is imperative that your graphics qualify to swim in this ocean. At a minimum, they should be sized correctly and not be blurry or pixelated. There are many inexpensive and free ways to create quality graphics these days.  My go-to software is always Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, however these tools are not always readily available. I started to find myself needing to create quick graphics while away from my computer, so I decided to search for some free apps on my phone that would help me in the future.  By far the most popular and user friendly is Canva.  I also love to browse through  Their free photographs are great to use as backgrounds for quotes.

tools to help create quality images for Pinterest

CANVA: You can find this app for your desktop and phone at Canva is super popular and extremely user friendly. The free version does come with several templates and graphics you can use. Canva makes it easy to size your graphic to fit any social media platform. There is also a library of images and fonts you can purchase if you have the need.


quality free photographs to create Pinterest pins

UNSPLASH: You will find beautiful, free photos gifted by the world’s most generous community of photographers. The photographs available are beyond gorgeous and are always of the best quality. You can find them at


motivational quotes, social media pack, instagram PinterestThere are some SEO tricks you should use when saving your images. (SEO: Search Engine Optimization)  First, you need to determine your business KEYWORDS. Your business keywords will be whichever words your audience is searching for in Google, Pinterest…etc.

For example, if your Pin is about “sharing how to create a cohesive Instagram feed”, you would want to name the image you plan to Pin something like, “social-media-pack-beautiful-instagram-posts”. When naming your images that you plan to pin, try to answer the question or solve the problem in the image title. This will help your pin be searchable by your audience.


The entire point of Pinterest is to Pin.. In order to grow your following, you must Pin. Other pinners don’t really see you or your account until you pin their pins. The recommendation is to post approximately 30 pins per day. This means 30 pins scattered throughout your boards throughout the day. The challenge is that these multiple pins should not be posted at the same time.  They should be pinned at least 20-30 minutes apart.  I know this sounds crazy! …and who has that kind of time?

more followers on Pinterest, grow business social media

The tool I mentioned earlier that helps me save time while still pinning 30 or more pins per day is a service called Board Booster. You can try Board Booster for free.

With Board Booster, your boards can have a duplicate ‘secret’ board created. You can then set up a ‘pinning schedule’ for these boards. For example, within your Board Booster account, you can set one board to post 7 pins during the hours of 2PM – 4PM. Then, from your Pinterest account, you can save 25 pins to one of these ‘secret boards’, then the pins will post publically based upon the schedule you set up in Board Booster.  (There are many great scheduling features, including scheduling separate time frames for weekdays vs. weekends.)



Commenting on pins is a great way for your audience to recognize you and your Pinterest account. It is best to comment on pins that you are interested in, as well as pins your audience is interested in. When you comment on a pin…whoever views that pin will see your comment. The best way to do this is to comment genuinely, add value to the pin with your expertise and it is always nice to just give a compliment.  The best way to start a conversation is with a compliment. 😉  This will give you more exposure and allow someone to click on your account and visit your profile.

A few other things you can do to gain more exposure and grow your following on Pinterest are listed below.

• Apply for Rich Pins

• Create & Post Infographics

• Link some of your pins to your other social media platforms

• Add a Pinterest Widget to your website to allow easy pinning for your visitors.

• Invite existing followers, as well as those you want to follow you, to pin on your boards.

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