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Why Collecting Email Addresses Is Important For Your Business

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This post will include details about an easy business email marketing service and why entreprenuers,  business owners and especially bloggers should be collecting email addresses from their audience. Read on to find out why collecting email addresses is important for your business

As well as…

  • My favorite business email marketing service and why.
  • Why a business owner shouldn’t rely solely upon social media to communicate with their business.
  • An example of why using only one social media channel for your business could be a major problem.
  • A list of Email Marketing Automation Services available.  

If you are an entreprenuer, business owner who wants to be able to keep in communication with their target audience for years to come, regardless of the changes in social media..this post may interest you.

Start asking for email addresses to grow your business.

Email marketing is a cost-effective solution for businesses to reach customers in a place most people visit every day — their email inbox.  That is one reason why collecting email addresses is important for your business. There are many important reasons why every business owner should be asking followers, customers and potential customers for their email addresses.  Whether you ask by creating an email subscribe form on your blog or website…or simply ask customers and prospects if you can add them to your email list. There are several things you can offer of value in exchange. For example, a free digital download or a coupon code.  The main goal is to offer something of value and earn your followers trust, strengthen relationship which will boost sales.  In most cases, your subscribers will remain on your email list and turn into customers, repeat customers and referral sources for more business opportunities.  Thought and planning should go into determining the most effective lead magnet…and whats next?  You can even automate a series of emails based upon triggers.  You can set up a recurring “welcome email” to go out to each new email subscriber. Then schedule the next email to go out 7 days later to that email subscriber. You could setup and schedule emails for an entire series of emails.  MailChimp has all the details on their website.  I love the resources they offer to give suggestions on how to increase your open rate, how to increase your click rate, and so on…  Click here to read more on MailChimp’s website.

Don’t rely solely on social media to grow your business?

You do not want to rely solely upon social media to stay in front of your audience.  I feel social media is usually a necessity for business. One reason is because the social media channels are constantly changing their algorithms on how your content is viewed. Unfortunately, most social media channels, facebook, instagram…etc now seem to be throttling our reach to encourage ‘promoting’ of posts and paid advertising.  Therefore, your business is at the liberty of the social media channels deciding to whom, how often and when your content is viewed.  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket….

ONE RECENT EXAMPLE: I have many clients that are using only Facebook to communicate with their audience.  They aren’t using instagram, they aren’t using Pinterest, they aren’t using email, they aren’t using snapchat….I think you may be starting to see where I’m going with this.  They use Facebook Live to showcase their products, they use Facebook to receive orders, they use Facebook Messenger to communicate…and many other facebook features only.  The Facebook platform is working for them, working very well I may add…to the tune of $15,000 per month earnings. There was a recent scare with Facebook that had business owners questioning its safety of use. (story for another day…)  With that being said, many are playing damage control and reached out to me for guidance on how to make an email sign up form for their facebook page.  If you are currently only using one social media channel, it may make sense for your business to start asking your followers and fans to sign up for your email list.

Email addresses aren’t going anywhere.

Promoting posts and paying for advertising can be extremely beneficial, however, not for everyone.  Email addresses aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  I can see emails being a form of communication for years to come.  Think about it, anything you sign up for these days requires you to provide email address. Whether you’re purchasing something online or in person at a brick and mortar store, your email is required for order confirmations, receipts, loyalty perk cards, etc.

Use an Automated Business Email Marketing Service.

Using an automated email service to send your business emails is a great benefit for many reasons. Just to name a few benefits;

  1. Save time!
  2. Stay compliant with FTC!
  3. Send better emails with easy to use templates.
  4. Automate the entire email marketing process.
  5. View reports to know who opened and clicked on your emails.
  6. Send segmented emails. For example, if you send 1,000 emails out and only 500 are opened, you can send the same email to just those that didn’t open the first email (with the click of a button).  Or…you can send another email to those that did open the email.  So much flexibility to fit your business perfectly.
  7. Apps for your mobile devices.

I love MailChimp. Their email service fits my business perfectly. The best part about MailChimp was that I was able to collect emails with sign up forms and email all of my subscribers for FREE until I reached 2,000 subscribers.. talk about value added!  MailChimp seems to recognize the fact that budgets can be extremely tight when just starting out.  Even the paid services are extremely reasonably priced.  In my opinion, MailChimp offers a few more features than the other services that you can benefit from while using the Forever Free option.easy business email marketing, marketing automation, email marketing, email subscribers, how to get emails, how to put an email signup form on a website, email sign up forms, how to send emails for business

Find the right email marketing service for your business

Here is a list of other email marketing services to check out because collecting email addresses is important for your business.  There are slight differences between each, however, I find MailChimp to be the most user-friendly platform for me to build my business emails, create email signup forms for my website, setup and schedule automated emails and view reports.  Not to mention, I really appreciated their support while I was growing my email subscription list.  This support was given while I was using the FREE plan…which you can use forever if you don’t go over 2,000 email subscribers.  That could work for many businesses.

  • Constant Contact
  • Mad Mimi
  • Aweber
  • Graphic Mail
  • Boomerang
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Stream Send
  • Benchmark Email
  • Get Response

There are more email marketing services than what is on this list.  I feel confident you should be able to find one that fits your business with a little research.  Thank you for reading along, I hope you were able to find some value and learn something from this post.  I will end this post with a reminder… your audience that signs up for your email list likes what you have to offer and wants to hear more from you!  Let this speak for what it is… feel confident and move forward. Not everything will work, you will have subscribers ‘unsubscribe’ from your list AND THAT IS OKAY!  Don’t get discouraged!