Jump Start Your Rodan + Fields Network Marketing Business

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Simple ways to promote + grow your Network Marketing Business:

Quickly, A little bit about me…

I am not a top level Rodan + Fields Consultant, however, I did quickly build a small team and share R+F products with a handful of Preferred Customers.  These business partners and customers quickly saw the results that R+F’s products can give you and have been using them ever since.  I had an upline that was very successful, an upline of Level V / Lexus Achievers who are running thriving R+F businesses today.  I have seen the success that R+F and other direct sales businesses can bring.  REALLY, if the business model is there, success can come with consistent hard work and a little bit of passion.  OKAY… a LOT of passion!  You can achieve success in anything you do, even if it is in a network marketing business.

Digital design and developing websites is my hobby and day job.  I am passionate about design and continue designing, creating and learning new things every day of my life.  I love all forms of art and creation; from freehand drawing, hand-lettering and calligraphy to photography, digital illustration and layout.  I strive to be up to date on the latest trends and marketing opportunities.  I hope you find some of the information I share useful in your ventures.

Kindly visit my instragram and pinterest pages.  I’m happy to help support your business on social media!  You may find this post useful; Important details to help your business grow using Pinterest.

Below you will find a few tips that help me get started with each business venture.

Write down your story:

First, you should write down your story. By story, I am referring to your journey and why you are a part of whatever it is you’re a part of. For example, if you are an R +F Consultant,  ask yourself these questions and write down the answers.  “Why am I using Rodan + Fields?” AND “Why have I decided to start my own virtual skincare franchise?  Be completely honest and use your own words.  When you are clear about your “Why” and can clearly explain how R+F (or your network marketing business product) solved a problem for you, your audience will be more likely to listen with empathy rather than half listen as if you’re trying to sell them something.

Check out these printable planning and checklists that may be helpful. I’ve received great feedback from those who have downloaded the iPhone wallpapers, they have been great conversation starters with potential customers.


Get Organized:

It is important to designate a space where you can store your business materials in an organized fashion.  Organization is essential in any business, especially a network marketing business. Each business is a little different and requires different tools to help keep your office neat and in order.

Determine Your Audience:

Then, you need to determine your audience and get your product into people’s hands.  As an R+F Consultant, your audience is anyone with skin, right?  For starters, try and narrow this broad audience down.  Start with how R+F products have helped your skin.  If you did Step #1, and wrote down your story, you should have this part clear.  Target those that could appreciate your story and be inspired by your results.

Share Your Story:

Once you’ve written down your “why” and determined your audience, it is time to share your story!  Share your story with those you interact with on a daily basis.  Sprinkle it in… If your experience is anything like mine, you’ll of had amazing results from an R+F regimen, so sharing your story will be simple!  Your passion and excitement about your results and how R+F has changed your skin will come through in your voice.  AND THEN, the best part is sharing how starting your own R+F business has changed your life!  Again, in my experience, I’ve met many amazing people; helped many solve their skin problems by introducing them to R+F; purchased my personal skincare products at a discount; and made extra money!  Leave a business card or something to help remember you and your contact info.

Latest Product

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Stay motivated:

The good news is there is so much inspiration out there to help keep us inspired on a daily basis. Motivational quotes are a must have for each and every day of my life.  I love to constantly be reminded of all the important words of wisdom.  I love to visit designerprintables.com to download motivational quote printables and posters for FREE.  Designer Printables is a new resource of free printables, SVG graphics and inspiration for the DIY Creative.

Post and Engage on Pinterest:

One of my favorite social media channel is Pinterest.  I’m sure the majority of you reading this post have a Pinterest account and love to browse pins for hours.  Pinterest is one of the main sources of traffic to my website.

Do you find it challenging to keep up with the forever changing algorithms in Pinterest?  I do, so I continue to conduct my own experiments.  There are two things that consistently help me reach almost 1 Million monthly viewers each month;  Create fresh content + Schedule Pins. When I create and post new pins, whether they’re motivational quotes, blog post images or product images, I find that my pins are put in front of a few more viewers.  The more content I add, the more my number of pin views and impressions increase.  It was becoming almost impossible to find the time to post manually throughout the day, so I started to look into some of the ‘scheduling tools’ I was hearing about.  When I started scheduling my pins with BoardBooster, I found so much extra time in my day as well as increased my Pinterest viewers.

Get the product into potential Preferred Customers (PC) hands:

It is also important to get the product into potential Preferred Customers (PC) hands.  For Rodan + Fields, network marketing business, one way to do this is to purchase Microdermabrasion Paste packets with your Consultant Replenishment Purchase (CRP), as well as Redefine Night Renewing Serum (blue) & Redefine Lip Renewing Serum (silver).  Many consultants find cute little mesh bags, paper bags and other creative ways to package and present the products.  If you send one paste packet (2-3 uses) and one of each capsule, that is usually enough for someone to experience the amazing first time results from these products.  To avoid confusion, it is a good idea to send along mini-facial instructions.  You can create and print your own by purchasing a digital file or prints.

Latest Product

rodan fields mini facial glow card, love your skin mini facial instruction card

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Say Thank You:

Lastly, another very important thing to do in life and business is to say “thank you”.  Say “thank you” as well as send a thoughtful handwritten note.  A handwritten note goes a LONG way!  Not many people take the time to send a personalized thank you!  With all the technology and ways to keep in touch, it is easy to get used to this convenience and start saying “thank you” in a text message, or on Facebook so everyone can see it (this can come off as self serving if you don’t follow up with a personalized heartfelt thank you.). If you are in a network marketing business, it is a good idea to thank both your customers and business partners…often.

An easy way to say “thank you” the old-fashioned way is to be prepared.  Stock up on thank you note cards, envelopes and stamps.  Keep a list throughout your days of who you would like to thank and why.  Pick one day a week to write thank you notes, stuff envelopes, postage and prepare for the post office.

In conclusion, when joining a network marketing business, clearly knowing and communicating your story and “why” will help jump start your business. Thank you very much for reading, I hope you’ve found some value in this information about promoting and growing your network marketing business.



Most Popular Books Successful Direct Sales Consultants are Reading

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Most Popular Network Marketing books

In this post you will find the three most popular network marketing books that the most successful Direct Sales and Network Marketing Consultants are reading.  There are many consultants and business owners reading these books, implementing what they learn and finding success. Maybe it is worth your time to read one of them or all of them!

Upon my research on social media and asking my following of Direct Sales Consultants, these are the most popular Network Marketing books successful consultants are reading.

UPDATE:  There is a new book in the mix that is sure to inspire and motivate you!  Girl, Wash Your Face is popping up on coffee tables pictured all over social media. 

Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be

rodan and fields business, network marketing books, books about business, how to make money with rodan and fieldsWith wry wit and hard-earned wisdom, popular online personality and founder of TheChicSite.com founder Rachel Hollis helps readers break free from the lies keeping them from the joy-filled and exuberant life they are meant to have.

Founder of the lifestyle website TheChicSite.com and CEO of her own media company, Chic Media, Rachel Hollis has created an online fan base of hundreds of thousands of fans by sharing tips for living a better life while fearlessly revealing the messiness of her own. Now comes her highly anticipated first book featuring her signature combination of honesty, humor, and direct, no-nonsense advice.

Each chapter of Girl, Wash Your Face begins with a specific lie Hollis once believed that left her feeling overwhelmed, unworthy, or ready to give up. As a working mother, a former foster parent, and a woman who has dealt with insecurities about her body and relationships, she speaks with the insight and kindness of a BFF, helping women unpack the limiting mind-sets that destroy their self-confidence and keep them from moving forward.

From her temporary obsession with marrying Matt Damon to a daydream involving hypnotic iguanas to her son’s request that she buy a necklace to “be like the other moms,” Hollis holds nothing back. With unflinching faith and tenacity, Hollis spurs other women to live with passion and hustle and to awaken their slumbering goals.

This book just came out early 2018…there are currently 1,251  reviews on Amazon with a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. That is an not only 100% happy readers, there are many rave reviews in such a short period of time!

Here are a few reviews from the readers:

girl wash your face, great new book, rodan and fields book,

girl wash your face, great new book, rodan and fields book,

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

Jen Sincero

make money with rodan and fields, rodan and fields business,

In this refreshingly entertaining how-to guide, bestselling author and world-traveling success coach, Jen Sincero, serves up 27 bitesized chapters full of hilariously inspiring stories, sage advice, easy exercises, and the occasional swear word, helping you to: Identify and change the self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that stop you from getting what you want, Create a life you totally love. And create it NOW, Make some damn money already. The kind you’ve never made before.

By the end of You Are a Badass, you’ll understand why you are how you are, how to love what you can’t change, how to change what you don’t love, and how to use The Force to kick some serious ass.

There are currently 3,405  reviews on Amazon with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. That is an AMAZING ratio of happy readers!  “You Are a Badass” also ranks on Amazon Charts, an updated list of the 20 most sold and most read books.  This book currently ranks at #13.

Here are a few reviews from the readers:

make money with rodan and fields, rodan and fields business,

make money with rodan and fields, rodan and fields business, make money with rodan and fields, rodan and fields business, make money with rodan and fields, rodan and fields business,

Get Over Your Damn Self: The No-BS Blueprint to Building a Life-Changing Business

by Romi Neustadt

get over your damn self, rodan and fields business, make money with direct sales

According to the Author, You’re going to learn:

  • The Posture to confidently connect with anyone about your business and your products.
  • The Possibilities for a lucrative, efficient and enormously rewarding turn key business.
  • The Power that’s already within you to build the life you really want… if you dare.

There are currently 530 reviews on Amazon with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. That is a very good ratio of happy readers!

Here are a few reviews from the readers:

books about network marketing, best books to make money in direct sales, how to make money in direct sales

network marketing direct sales books, how to make money in direct sales network marketing

network marketing direct sales books, how to make money in direct sales network marketing

Rock Your Network Marketing Business: How to Become a Network Marketing Rock Star

Sarah Robbins

rock your network marketing business, make money with rodan and fields

Anyone who is involved with Rodan + Fields knows who Sarah Robbins is.  She offers a step-by-step system for seven-figure success. As an educator turned network marketing rock star, Sarah Robbins has a passion for sharing the system she used to achieve seven-figure success. In facet, she’s shared that same system with her team, helping many achieve six-or-seven-figure success! ROCK Your Marketing Business will help you discover how to promote products, power prospect, present your opportunity, product or service, powerfully “close”, power start your new distributor & duplicate, plus much, much more.

There are currently 576 reviews on Amazon with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. That is an excellent ratio of happy readers!

Here are a few reviews from the readers:

network marketing direct sales books, how to make money in direct sales network marketing

book for Rodan and fields, make money with rodan and fields

make money with rodan and fields, rodan and fields business,

When you’re ready for marketing materials to help promote and grow your network marketing business, check out these custom designed business cards and instant download printables.



‘Scratch to Win’ Cards

custom designed scratch to win cards, rodan and fields scratch cards, lularoe scratch cards, lipsense scratch to win cards

Custom designed scratch cards are a great way to create some fun and excitement while getting your product into your potential customer’s hands.  You can choose any prizes to put in the center of the scratch cards.  These cards are listed in the shop with a bundle discount.  You may also purchase the digital file, a high resolution PDF of 3 different prizes.

These scratch cards do not come with the scratch stickers already applied.  You must purchase the scratch stickers separately.

The round 1″ “scratch stickers” can be found at many different etsy shops or on Amazon.com.  You can also click on the link below to go directly to the page where I order the stickers from for my own personal use.

Email tammy@itwvisions.com to start your custom design!

This post contains an affiliate link, which means; at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small fee in return for recommending a product or service. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the developing company, and/or its affiliates, in any way.

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Popular Marketing Materials For Your Lularoe Business

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Popular Marketing Materials for Your Lularoe Business

LuLaRoe is one of my favorites!  I have had the opportunity to work with many successful LuLaRoe Consultants to provide them with custom designed business cards and stationery to keep their brand in front of their customers and prospective customers. Other than lularoe business cards, the most popular marketing items I design and print for LuLaRoe Fashion Retailers are thank you cards with care instructions.  After that is the Enter to Win printable, printable price charts,  LuLaCash cards and yard signs.

My introduction to what was offered by those with a Lularoe business

The first time I was introduced to LuLaRoe was by a friend on Facebook that was selling LuLaRoe (quite successfully I may add!). I was intrigued so I followed along.  At first, all I could associate with LuLaRoe were these crazy loud colored, wild patterned leggings! LEGGINGS…LEGGINGS…LEGGINGS… YIKES…and more leggings. I really didn’t GET IT until I tried my first pair of simply comfortable buttery soft LuLaRoe leggings. I was able to score a solid colored pair of these leggings…I WAS IN LOVE.

(Not IN LOVE enough to wear them outside of my house though…but while at home…so comfy! LOL)

I fell in love with Lularoe’s Amelia dress

Then, I discovered the Amelia dress, this style dress is so comfortable While able to be dressed up or dressed down. I love the Amelia dress for its high waistline with pleats and capped sleeves. Oh, have I mentioned the Amelia has pockets too. BONUS!  Next, I started seeing the Randy shirt…LOVE…MUST HAVE for the weekend!

As it states on the LuLaRoe website, “LuLaRoe Business exists to provide an opportunity for people to create freedom by selling comfortable, affordable, stylish clothing, and offering its Retailers the independence to set their own pace and schedule.” If you are reading this post, I bet you are already aware of this or starting to discover it on your own!

I am not a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant, however, I’ve met so many wonderful people through helping support LuLaRoe Business owners by providing graphics and printed materials to market and promote their boutiques. ITW Visions offers business cards, rack cards, brochures, flyers, wall signs, table signs, banners and many more items to promote and grow your lularoe business!

You may find some of these items helpful to promote and grow your lularoe business.

Price List, LulaCash, Enter to Win Raffle Ticket, Notecards, Social Media Quotes / Posts, Facebook Album Covers…and more


The Insider’s Guide to Affordable Gift Ideas for Your Team

affordable gift ideas and inspiration, Rodan fields business gift, younique business gifts, lularoe gifts

Are you looking for affordable gift ideas to encourage your business partners?

Below you will find a list of affordable gift ideas for your network marketing business team.  Browse through these ideas and you are sure to feel inspired as well as find the perfect way to spoil your team members.

A fancy pen is usually a well received gift in the business realm, especially if it is engraved with your name or favorite saying.  Who doesn’t like to feel professional and legit with a personalized engraved pen!?!  The silver aluminum ball point pens shown below can be personalized with up to 21 characters.  You can even choose a wooden gift box option to send along with your gift.

Affordable Gift Idea #1:

team gift ideas, team pen, engraved pen, gifts under 20Silver Aluminum Ball Point Pen w/Stylus.  This Ball Point Pen with a Stylus end cap has a Silver aluminum body and features a sleek looking clip with chrome color fittings and a Black Ball Point refill. The Stylus is perfect for iPads, iPhones, Androids and all similar  touch screen devices. This ball point pen ships with a black ink refill . This pen has a price point of $14.75 per pen.  The GREAT news is there is usually a coupon code for a discounted price.
Another slightly more elegant and expensive option is a Personalized Waterford Arcadia Metal Ballpoint Pen. Nothing says quality like a Waterford® pen! The pens are made of enameled brass and available in four popular colors. The ball point style makes it easy to use and refill.
Cute little notebooks with motivational quotes or personalized with your team members name are a great way to encourage your business partners to keep going!


Affordable Gift Idea #2:

These 6.5″ x 8.75″ notebooks have 80 College ruled Pages and can be made with your images and text on the front cover, this notebook is a great way to show off your personal style and keep track of all important notes and appointments all at once.

  notebook, motivational journal, journal, notebook for business, giftcute little notebooks, team gift idea, pink stripesnotebook, motivational journal, journal, notebook for business, gift 


Affordable Gift Idea #3:

Oakmont Engraved Stemless Wine Glasses  Any sophisticated dinner party or wine tasting is not complete without beautiful team gift ideas, wine gift idea, rodan fields business, lularoe business, stemless wine glass, team gift ideasglassware like these stemless engraved Oakmont wine glasses. This set of four is crafted from premium glass and measures 5″ tall and holds 21 ounces each. Custom made and laser engraved with the name and initial of your choice. The custom touch, makes this wine glass set the perfect gift for your business partners, team members or any refined wine lover.
Set of 4 is $44.95.  (check for coupon code). Order the set of four stemless wine glass, then split up the set to gift one glass per business partner.  You can create a special incentive plan to collect the entire set.  As your business grows, it is important to motivate your business partners.These wine glasses are made by HomeWetBar in Oklahoma.  They specialize in creating unique designs and personalized gifts.


Affordable Gift Idea #4:

EAT. SLEEP. Lash. REPEAT Shirt. This design prints on many different style shirts. Styles include tee shirts, v-neck shirts, raglan shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, long sleeve and a few others.
rf swag, team gift ideas, rodan fields business, lashboost, lash artist shirt, makeup artist shirtrodan fields business, lash shirt, lashes shirt, eat sleep lash repeat shirtrodan fields business, lash shirt, lashes shirt, eat sleep lash repeat shirtSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave




Affordable Gift Idea #5:

Who doesn’t love a good book?  There are many motivational books out there to help encourage your business partner and educate them on the basics of “sharing”…aka…selling.  Find out more about the Most Popular Books Direct Sales Consultants are Reading.  You can also view other great titles on Amazon.

Affordable Gift Idea #6:

Personalized Shadow Box & Monogram Engraving Personalized Shadow Boxes are handmade of pinewood and stained with either classic black or bombay mahogany. The shadow box can hold about 120 wine corks or a lot of beer caps and the glass front is exquisitely laser etched with any one of our stunning designs or a custom one personalized just for you. The Timeless Monogrammed designs will make this the top gift for team members, business partners, weddings, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Christmas, Valentines, and even housewarmings. Or use it as a guestbook at your own wedding! These shadow boxes range from $45.99 – $89

Personalized Shadow Box and Monogram Engravingwine cork ideas, wine lover gift idea, team gift idea, rodan fields business gift ideapersonalized monogram shadow box for wine corks, wine cork ideas, gift ideas for her


Affordable Gift Idea #7:

Personalized 12 oz. Coffee Mug with Natural Wood Lid & Tea Box. Features a charming 12 oz. coffee mug with bamboo lid, and wood keepsake box that can be engraved with your own personal saying. The Box Size is 4.75″ x 3.85″ x 3.50″.  This customizable gift set starts at $23.99.coffee box, tea box, wood engraved tea box coffee mug with engraved natural wood lid, wood engraved tea box coffee mug with engraved natural wood lid, wood engraved tea box

HIGH END Gift Ideas:

The Ashley Tote is made with the finest of Full Grain American leathers.  Handpicked leather hides for a rustic look and feel. This gift will be used and loved for a lifetime! One of my favorite features of this gorgeous high quality leather handbag is the ability to add your name or initials to personalize! This bag is the perfect size for my every day use, it measures 12.5″ Height x 15.12″ Width x 4.56″ Depth; Strap Drop: 9″.  Includes an inside pocket for storing quick need items like your phone or keys. * 100% made in the USA.
affordable gift ideas and inspiration, Rodan fields business gift, younique business gifts, lularoe gifts
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happy planner hole punch for printables
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DIY – Planner Sheet with Happy Planner

happy planner hole punch for printables

I recently purchased my first Happy Planner – LOVE it!  My favorite part about this planner is the way the pages are binded together – they allow for so much flexibility!  There are rings, that come in many different colors, that hold the papers together.  Below you will find some pictures and a video of how I punched and attached the papers to the planner.  There are so many options to experiment with; such as dividers, tabs, different colors of paper.  I’ve never found one planner that included all the details I’ve wanted –  with the Happy Planner and Arc Paper Punch, I’ve been able to use any printable planner sheet you make or find online.

Visit my shop to check out the planner sheets I designed with the small business owner in mind.

small business instant download printable planner sheets