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LuLaRoe : Marketing Materials for your LuLaRoe Business.

marketing resources for your lularoe business and how to have a successful popup boutique

LuLaRoe is one of my favorites!  I have met some amazing people through LuLaRoe!  I enjoy meeting other like minded, motivated business owners doing what they love!

A friend on Facebook was selling LuLaRoe, I was intrigued so I followed along.  At first, all I could associate with LuLaRoe were these crazy loud colored, wild patterned leggings! LEGGINGS…LEGGINGS…LEGGINGS… YIKES…and more leggings. I really didn’t GET IT until I tried my first pair of simply comfortable buttery soft LuLaRoe leggings. I was able to score a solid colored pair of these leggings…I WAS IN LOVE.

(Not IN LOVE enough to wear them outside of my house though…but while at home…so comfy! LOL)

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‘Scratch to Win’ Cards

create customize scratch ticket cards for your business. a great way to get your product into your potential customers hands

Custom designed scratch cards are a great way to create some fun and excitement while getting your product into your potential customer’s hands.  You can choose any prizes to put in the center of the scratch cards.  These cards are listed in the shop with a bundle discount.  You may also purchase the digital file, a high resolution PDF of 3 different prizes.

These scratch cards do not come with the scratch stickers already applied.  You must purchase the scratch stickers separately.

The round 1″ “scratch stickers” can be found at many different etsy shops or on  You can also click on the link below to go directly to the page where I order the stickers from for my own personal use.

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Jump start your Rodan + Fields network marketing business with these free tips!

how to jump start your network marketing business with rodan + fields and other direct sales companies.

(All links are for items I’ve paid for and used. I am sharing my opinions based upon my experience.)

Quickly, A little bit about me…

I am not a top level Rodan + Fields consultant, however, I was able to quickly build a small team and share RF products with a handful of Preferred Customers.  These business partners and customers quickly saw the results that R + F products can give you and have used them ever since.  I had an upline that was very successful, an upline of Level V / Lexus Achievers who are running thriving RF businesses today.  I have seen the success that RF can bring.  REALLY, if the business model is there, success can come with consistent hard work and a little bit of passion.  OKAY… a LOT of passion!  You can achieve success in anything you do. Continue reading Jump start your Rodan + Fields network marketing business with these free tips!